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All Your Questions Answered

Why make a reservation?

Reservations are suggested to minimize your wait time. Without a reservation, you can expect to wait hours on some days. Your reservation time is an approximate time. We do our best to work within the allotted time frame, but sometimes families can take a little longer than their reservation time; our goal is to everyone the attention they deserve to capture images that you will be proud to display and share.

What if my child is too scared to be photographed with Santa?

Oftentimes, young children are very timid or frightened about the white bearded man. We try different techniques to calm the child. If we are not successful, we suggest that whoever is bringing the child to see Santa be prepared to be photographed with the child; oftentimes, this is the only way a child will calm down enough for the visit. This is where we ask parents to be realistic. Sometimes nothing works and the only photograph will be one with the child crying. Please do not become upset if we suggest that after doing our best, we ask you to come back for another session (no need to reserve another slot, we’ll work you in). Remember there are others waiting. If you think your child is going to require more attention, we recommend you reserve 2 spots for your child.

What if I don’t like the photographs that were taken?

We do our best to capture your child(ren) at their best. If your schedule permits, we will work you back into the rotation to attempt to photograph them again. Please remember to bring your child at their best time. Sometimes, you may need to step out of line and feed or change the child. If it’s an older child & you think that they may have a difficult time, bring their favorite toy or book. We usually recommend that you do not wake a child from a nap to visit Santa. Experience has taught us that this usually not the best thing to do. Remember, our goal is to capture images that you will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

I want my child to see the same Santa we started with. How can I know which Santa will be where?

You can check this website. The location should have posted the Santa that will be there. Please note that there is no guarantee as to the posted Santa will actually be the one there that day. Things can and do change; ultimately the goal is to have a Santa in the chair when you come for your visit.

How many people can be in a photo?

As many as you can bring. If you attend to break the larger group into smaller groupings, you will require more than one reservation. Groups larger than 5, we suggest two reservations; 10 or more requires 3 slots.

How do I reserve Santa for a home visit?
Simply send us your contact information and we will get back in touch with you. Please include your address, date of event & time you would like us to come.
If I make a reservation and I am unable to make my appointment, will I be able to have my money refunded?

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund any reservations. Please only make a reservation if you are certain that you will be able to keep it (barring emergencies, of course). FYI, all money paid for a reservation goes toward the purchase of your Santa visit.

If I have multiple children, will they only be photographed as a group or individually?
We will photograph them as a group and individually if this is your desire.
What happens if I miss my scheduled appointment?

If you miss your appointment, we will do our best to work you in, but you may have to wait until a time slot opens up. In other words, do not expect to inconvenience those who were on time to accommodate your family.

If you have a question that was not addressed, send us a note or give us a call.